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About Apros


Through really good products created with new and different set of values, Apros provides dreams, excitement and happiness to people all over the world and helps create a joyful society.


Product Introduction

  • Silky Cover
    Oil Block

    Makeup Base

    28g (for use in the mornings/about two months' worth of use)
    Makeup base with cumulative sales of more than 2.6 million units awarded a 'gold prize' by the Monde Selection for the sixth consecutive year. Naturally covers fine wrinkles and pores with a single swipe, leading to enviable smooth porcelain skin.

  • セルフューチャー洗顔バーム

    Cleansing Balm

    Cleanser / Face Wash

    90g (for use in the mornings and nights/about one month' worth of use)
    Face wash with new sensation, that dissolves on the skin once applied. Thoroughly removes even the waterproof makeup while leaving skin moisturized.

  • Foaming Whitening Mask

    Foaming Whitening Mask

    CO2 Mask

    80g (for use of 2 to 3 times a week/about two months' worth of use)
    High-density carbon foam pack for easy home treatment. Helps boost the skin transparency and bouncing firmness.

Top Message

Apros provides mail order sales of cosmetics and health food products.
In addition to “Cell Future,” the cosmetic brand developed by investigating the causes of aging skin, we handle tasteless and odorless collagen, hair restorer, etc.
Currently we introduce our products through various media including TV, Internet, newspapers, magazines and leaflets, and share a commitment within the Company to [discovery / hypothesis / verification / correction / evaluation] from a perspective of customers through the product and service development process, to provide the “brand” that promises the results in satisfaction of individual customers.
Above all, we prioritize “fun” and “kindness” to use products, and hope our customers truly enjoy the effects.

Atsushi Suzuki, President & CEO

代表取締役 鈴木 敦

Company Profile

Company Name:

Apros Corporation

President & CEO:

Atsushi Suzuki

Date of Establishment:

April 11, 2000


90,000,000 Japanese Yen

Financing Bank:


Office Location: IW Nihonbashi Bldg. 6F, 19-8 Nihonbashi-Koamicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0016, Japan




E-mail: info@apros.co.jp
Business Description:

Manufacturing and sales of cosmetics and health food products